teresa m :

I once had a website listed on my old computer that the local news gave us but that computer crashed and I cannot remember the name. Thank you

Traveller :

Most Anti- Obama questions were allowed UNTIL YESTERDAY! Now the same sites that many of us posted 3 months ago are all over FOX, CNN, ABC, CBS and NBC: not to mention local news. What’s up with what’s been happening here?

YA Q&A certainly didn’t cause this change or exposing this, but it did have a hand in it. Bravo and congratuations for Askers and Answerers, boo hiss to the few who have been deleting from Yahoo Headquarters.

Washington Irving :

Shouldn’t they take responsibility for their indiscriminate attacks, harassment and threatening against Iraqis and Afghanis?
What about the fact that the US press reporting the deaths of militants when the rest of the world press prints that civilians are actually being killed? Why is it that the US press takes the military’s words and not those of witnesses?
Here is the latest murder. 15 civilians.


By the way, those who claim that Al Jazeera is less reliable than US news ought to explain why Al Jazeera did not take the government’s word on WMD’s while US news agencies did. Those calling foreign news “Arab propaganda” ought to get a map, a few books and quit from their local KKK chapter.

correrafan :

buy a new HDTV right now, what happens to those of us who ordered coupons, and don’t receive them? Just not watch TV at all? I did that for a year, until recently getting a rabbit-ears for my perfectly-good 19-year-old TV. How much do the converters cost without the coupons?

Le Blanc S l :

and then go to local like before. Why can’t you leave well enough alone?

jackson.5ive :

Alright, so I’m starting a debate class (I’m entering my junior year) in school. The teacher wants us, for our first assignment to determine our ability in a few different areas such as research and speaking skills, to find and debate (on paper) a big issue in the news today. Not local or specific news, but more of things that can be explained referred to in one or two words, such as healthcare and the housing crisis. Also, if there are any national or international topics that everyone is (or should be) concerned with, such as the release of the Lockerbie bomber, those might be alright, too. So does anyone have any ideas for topics? Thanks much for any advice you can give.

charini :

I, as someone who has stopped watching the news a long time ago (I get what I want off the Internet), I have always wondered about the psychological well being of journalists.

Imagine your life, day after day reporting on tragedies, rapes, robberies and all sorts of NEGATIVE events. Yes, because there’s rarely something GOOD on any of the news programs.

I know one needs not to alienate oneself from all the world. But, watching and learning about deaths and crime, fires burning someone’s home, etc… How can that contribute for our well being?

And HOW IN THE WORLD do the one’s reporting all of this do it? How can they sleep at night after a day of bombarding us and each other with such dark reporting?

For the money, some of you may say. But I ask: is ALL THE MONEY in the world worth losing a part of yourself daily?

Have a great day, y’all!

Hey_Lo! :

Hi. I have experience as a Volunteer Coordinator, Professional Tutor, Promotions Manager/Intern/Assistant/Model, Party Bartender, and Barista. I’m looking to find work in London this summer. It seems most jobs want people who are recent college grads, currently in college, people who are only European citizens, or $1500 or more to get them started; I have none of these things going for me.

I got my degree in 2002, and I’ve pretty much focused in the areas of non-profit and entertainment, with a few hospitality side-jobs. I’ve also written radio copy and grants. I’ve also done some event-planning and I’ve given presentations in person and on local news.

Chad :

The news has changed in the past years murders in local area wont hit new till its over and and big officials being paid off i need a website that doesnt give a sht and will tell you the truth of whats going on

parrothead :

ok, so tonight my local news told me that virtually everything in my home has too much lead in it. The paint on the walls, the toys in the toyboxes, the plates in the dish cabinet..etc. Last week they reported that worrying about stuff would cut 5-6 years off my life.
So, I cant decide whether I should worry about all the deadly things that surround me or if I should accept all the deadly things and not worry about it. Either way, they say it’s killing me.
Didnt our grandparents live with lead in their homes too?
Both my grandmothers lived to be 90 years old. I have an aunt that is 95 (and still going strong), another aunt that just turned 90 last week, an uncle that is 89 (and still drives to church every Sunday), and another uncle that is around 88 and living it up in the deadly Florida sunrays…and those are all brothers and sisters. On the other side of the family I have 3 aunts that are all over 80, and an uncle that is 84.
Should I call them and ask which one they picked?
or should I avoid calling them (knowing the phone has lead paint on it)?
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