I heard on the local news that the DTV converter-box coupon fund is almost broke. Since I can’t afford to?


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correrafan :

buy a new HDTV right now, what happens to those of us who ordered coupons, and don’t receive them? Just not watch TV at all? I did that for a year, until recently getting a rabbit-ears for my perfectly-good 19-year-old TV. How much do the converters cost without the coupons?

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terry v

If you sent for yours by now you will probaly get your cpn.congress will have to approve more funds for more cpns to be issued.The boxes at walmart cost $49.99 here -$40 cpn comes to $9.99 plus tax.Hope you get yours soon.


49 dollars without it and 10 dollar without the coupon at walmart. thats stupid enough that they are saying by law tv has to be digital, but anyway if you ordered one they shopuld mail you one and if they dont have enough to mail to you then they should have informed you sooner about this because i know there was alimited amount of them

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