pickle head :

Have you ever went to Reuters or The Associated Press? Which is where a lot of news comes from BEFORE you see it locally or on Cable.

Do you ever search for News in other countries, and look for articles pertaining to the US? – I do, it’s quite interesting.

Heck, when you have a computer you can go anywhere.
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weather/news reports are you paying attention to in Houston?
Channel 13 with the let’s watch a flad flap in the breeze and stand in toe high, high water telling you not to go out in this weather if you don’t have to?
Channel 11, Dr. Niel Frank, lets come outof retirement so we can expand on the same information given to us not even 5 minutes ago?
or Channel 2, Lets see if Radar the weather dog can correctly predict which coastal county Hurricane IKE will actually hit.

Just wondering and am bored…enjoy the laugh, did I get the channel descriptions at least partially accurate?

Pug_Lover01 :
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My dad was reading the local news paper today and he seen an article about this porn virus. They get child porn onto your computer. So from what I understand, what happens is someone frames you into looking like a sick minded pervert. It stated that you don’t know about it until the police come to your door. They said you could actually go to jail for it even if you really are innocent since it’s really hard to tell if you did it yourself or if you were framed.

Has anyone else heard of this virus? If so, is it new or what? Is it just a “joke virus” *meaning a hoax someone decided to make up for whatever reason* or is it real? I’m not doubting it, especially since it was in the paper. Since we have a good anti-virus program for our computer that’s regularly updated, our browsing history is deleted everytime we get off the computer, we have a different scan we use everytime we use the computer along with our other main anti-virus program… will all this help keep us protected against this virus *and others*?
The one part under the headline states “Pedophiles can exploit virus-infected computers to their advantage”. So from my understanding, they only get you if you already have a virus?
I didn’t read it all that great, but it was also talking about this guy who fell victim to that. Him, his wife and their family swear up and down that he’s not that kind of person and that he was 100% framed but I don’t think it’s working. They’ve been fighting it since 2007 I think. I don’t know… I’ll have to read it better I guess.
I haven’t heard about a virus like this until now so maybe it’s real, maybe it’s not. I’m not letting my guard down though just in case!

parrothead :

ok, so tonight my local news told me that virtually everything in my home has too much lead in it. The paint on the walls, the toys in the toyboxes, the plates in the dish cabinet..etc. Last week they reported that worrying about stuff would cut 5-6 years off my life.
So, I cant decide whether I should worry about all the deadly things that surround me or if I should accept all the deadly things and not worry about it. Either way, they say it’s killing me.
Didnt our grandparents live with lead in their homes too?
Both my grandmothers lived to be 90 years old. I have an aunt that is 95 (and still going strong), another aunt that just turned 90 last week, an uncle that is 89 (and still drives to church every Sunday), and another uncle that is around 88 and living it up in the deadly Florida sunrays…and those are all brothers and sisters. On the other side of the family I have 3 aunts that are all over 80, and an uncle that is 84.
Should I call them and ask which one they picked?
or should I avoid calling them (knowing the phone has lead paint on it)?
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yuri :

I need two news sources.. answer with a link to two sources that discuss economic decisions made by the local state or national governments that affect my daily life. im 15. It has to be recent as in late 2007 to 2008… if u can give me like 3 or 4 links if possible thanks

*toona* :

Okay I have said my final goodbyes to Gerald Ford 4 times already..oh wow did you know the most growing in our population in the US is hispanics? hmm..wonder if they count them at the border crossings or when they send ‘em back..oh hey the research on fat population is hot subject isn’t it?wonderin’ how much money it costs them to count all those chubby people everywhere?..hm..wish they’d come up with more interesting stuff don’t you? thanks alot*

Cannonball :

I want to find out about US, International, local (Georgia), and entertainment news that occurred on May 15, 2006……the day my son was born. I want to include it in his baby journal. I never got a newspaper on that day…..busy having a baby!!

Joy M_democracy :

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OBAMA BH was much less truthful about his birth rec@hi as reqd by fec
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Saranac Lake, NY
2 min ago
8.31.2009 the rev dr kamal karna roy said above caption facts of bh Obama to confirm truth about obama birth. In hawaii state thousands of people who had had been living there.n hawaii since 1959 received b cert as hawaii born. But fake birth cert may not make obama eligible for U S president wef 1.20. 2009. Obama’s bith at hawaii must be investigated by federal prosecutor pursuant to act as evidences exist to allege that obama was not us born or some one of obama folks conspired to make obama u s born and/or he terminated his continued u s citizenship by accepting Indonesian citizenship and indonesian passport for travel to pakistan around 1981The people in usa along with dr kamal karna k roy aka j g jrhad had right to question obama et al including usa govt et al for grievance until obama proved beyond doubts that obama had had continued u s citizenship under all laws to be eligible for u s president.
marilyn dawson reforms
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Saranac Lake, NY
1 min ago
2 children were acquired by m j in violations of laws in usa.laws are law. it must act equitably in democracy in republic of usa anonymous 7/12/09 Reply Your email address (will not be published, but is required): Your comment: No links or abusive language please! Add Comment Comments: 3432 Moncton, Canada Reply » rupkatha b roy Saranac Lake, NY Create your Topix Profile 1 min ago » THE KAMAL KARNA ROY A POLITICIAN OF U S?

Marc :

i just added the tuxedo buisness to my retail stores and i want know how to target tuxedo customers …is it online ads or goofle search engines..local news paper..i reaaly dont know ..ant tips?!!

X-Rod :

The title is self explanatory I think. My friends and I achieved something that got us all in the local news paper and I think that putting the clipping in a frame and having ‘You’re The Best’ being played would be kick butt. Kind of like the singing fish. What kind ot materials would I need to get the frame to play music when someone touches the button?

Did your local NBC stations report the “Can You Hear Us Now” protest?

Honest Rob : None that I found here in Texas. This was an event where protestors assembled in front of local news outlets that have biased reporting. The main theme was NBC lies, but there were other journalists included in some of the protest signs.
I’m just wondering if any of these media outlets didn’t hide [...]

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